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Product Value


Adiwarnamika quality excellent color material

Very high optical clarity:

Clear, colorless acrylic sheet, products Adiwarnamika has a luminous transmission of 92.5%. It is obvious clearer than glass and will not turn yellow under normal exposure.


Adiwarnamika, only about half the weight of glass.

Uniform thickness:

Adiwarnamika have a better thickness tolerance compared to similar products.

Resilience Weather:

Adiwarnamika has excellent on weatherproof.

High impact resistance:

Adiwarnamika has greater strength than the same glass thickness.

Various applications and diverse:

Adiwarnamika can be easily formed, created, carved, finishing, decorated or used for other complicated procedures.

Adiwarnamika Acrylic sheets are made from 100% pure methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) exclusively obtained from reputable and reliable suppliers. As a major manufacturer of acrylic sheet in Indonesia, Adiwarnamika utilize secpeora-casting production process so that it can be used for various applications.

With manufacturing facilities are the latest engine technology, Adiwarnamika can be produced with superior quality & standards than other products, which in turn provides the flexibility to produce a variety of colors and use.

MMA is an organic compound that is processed through a series of mixing station to blend additives required and the pigment is then cast between two sheets of glass sheets of high quality. Color matching process is then polymerized in a water pool which is specially developed and oven, allowing the sheet to harden and cure. Casting process has been used for many years on the application of engineering technology to improve process control and repeatability from one production batch to the next, and Adiwarna Mika® has taken full advantage of this development to produce quality cast acrylic sheet quality. While the color matching process provides significant flexibility in a wide variety of colors, sizes and thickness. The other advantages of acrylic products Adiwarnamika include the following:

1. Acrylic sheet with light transmission and optical clarity is higher than the glass at 93%

2. gloss surface finish as standard with a choice of matt one-sided and two-sided.

3. With the weight of half the weight of glass with five times the strength of the glass that will withstand impact.

4. Excellent resistance also means that the material is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

5. This material can be recycled into another product and the product itself.

6. This product can also be used for a wide variety of applications including the use of functional and aesthetic.

As a leading innovative company in the production and supply of acrylic sheet, Adiwarnamika provide services and the delivery of international standards, as well as supporting many distributors across the country with a wide range of quality product portfolio.

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