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1) Why do I choose Adiwarna Mika as my strategic partner?

As our strategic partner, you will be part of our network where we will grow together. with whom we will grow together. You will experience from the beginning how the image of our company brought to the daily work operations.

2) What is so special about Adiwarna Mika?

 Adiwarna Mika is acrylic sheet manufactured with very tight thickness tolerances and with a special color options

3) How do I get Adiwarna Mika?

We chose our strategic partners carefully. Some of the main criteria which we will review are listed below:

- Reputation & experience

- Corporate culture, mission and vision

- Geographic Markets Regional

- Source - Performance

- Quality

Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

4) Would Adiwarna Mika send some samples?

Yes, for a prospective distributor, we will be able to send a color sample with a small size. Please forward the request to us with your full address.

5) Will I be able to visit the plant site Adiwarna Mika to see the trimmings?

Yes, we will feel very happy to welcome you. We can assist you in arranging transportation and accommodation visit. Please contact us.

Note: Access to some of our facilities are limited, so we need to review each case individually to enter the restricted area. It is advisable to previously discussed with our competent staff before the visit.

6) How Adiwarna Mika distribute acrylic sheet to other islands?

Usually to other islands we use a freight forwarder by sea and land.

7) What is the lead time?

Lead time is highly dependent on:

- Composition of the order (size, color and thickness) because there are some steps that level of production time longer than others.

- Production Queue at the time of the order confirmation so orderly, we advise you to contact us and ensure the delivery schedule to get a more accurate answer.

8) Can you generate custom colors to suit us?

Yeah right, we have an outstanding color matching in which a new color can be made very close to the desired color of the sample. To customized this color process will take about 5 working days because we do not have all the components of the color pigment.

9) Can Adiwarna Mika give some technical assistance?

Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. As a strategic partner, we will support you as best we can.

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